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my website

2008-05-02 09:22:11 by LSD265

My Website

why not visit my website? home of LSD265, Maniacmark & Psychotic-Dan, creators of The Legend of David, Bill's Adventures, David's Adventures, Little Freak, Fat Sicko and other stuff :D

~Little Freak Zero~ pictured *coming soon*

my website


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2008-07-31 01:56:56

I see the Cookie Monster! RAWR!


2008-09-28 12:13:03

just my luck

I go and add anoying person to my favs and you delete it

oh well

LSD265 responds:

I got a few up now..


2008-11-11 18:31:35

well michaels adventures isnt finished yet but im working on it and it will be done maybe by the end of this the very soonest


2008-11-15 23:19:21

Is this Lawrence?

LSD265 responds:

Laurence* yeah